About Us

We believe that international free trade without borders


General Trading WTO IRAN is a trading company that started with the export of sheepskin and products such as leather, wet blue and pickled skin and intestines.
Our leather factory is located in Varamin - Charmshahr (Tehran Leather Industry Zone) and since 1988 we produce all kinds of leather to leather and export it to other countries. We are able to supply sour and moist blue sheepskin and goat skin color.

Our brand is one of famous Iranian brand in Italian market and Turkey that supply continually from beginning of our activity to these countries and also we .have supplying some articles to another country such as Spain , Pakistan , India and recently to China

The company is engaged in import and export of mentioned goods in a broad range of domestic and foreign brands with various capacities and quantities.

The company’s, General Trading, business activities are not limited to supply, import and export of above mentioned goods, but it is involved with other fields in business area , cooperating with traders and exporters settled in ports, working together with other Iranian corporations involved with importing goods, services and etc. Among the WTO Company’s superiorities to indicate are cutting out the present intermediaries and providing customers with goods at direct factory and manufacturer price.

And now we are all in the field of manufacturing, exporting and importing merchants and marketers're invited.

So please contact us via email or phone and your products and services introduced or announced to his request.

We hope to work together in the future…