Productions group, producer of Saffron with Iran Mehrchin brand names in the industry of Saffron in Iran. In the year 1350 of increasing along with the advancement of technology, expertise and commitment to high quality saffron production line with  and the quality of their activities, the head of the plaque.

In this regard, with the benefit of effective methods of management as well as to ensure the health of consumers of saffron productions, all their efforts on optimizing and upgrading Frayndbsth and production of saffron and its conformity with international standards of hygiene and quality standards , focused.

Urban food productions group (Shahri Saffron) now and Rzhanva saffron production in more than 100 types of packaging such as packing seal, types of packaging, packaging bags, vacuum and Saffron boxes in various weights, while showing originality Iranian saffron, has accepted the position of Iranian saffron producers in the account.

Tour Mehrchin Food Industries  as part of the City collection, with the benefit of a large production unit and large, and equipped with modern packaging machines trying to keep pace with modern technologies and.

Groups, and Mehrchin food products believes that all success and Pyshrfthayman, thanks to the good auspices and constructive comments and valuable customers and buyers of City food products.